Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone

If you are going for a camping trip with your friends, you do not need to take any bulky digital cameras with you. With improvements in technology, our smartphones now have really good cameras. This eliminates the need for an expensive DSLR, which is better suited for professional photography. Nevertheless, you may be surprised the amazing pictures that smartphone cameras can capture.

Just a camera with the highest megapixel is not enough, because you need to know some basic tricks of photography. An innovative camera app on most Android phones is loaded with some basic features found in professional cameras. In this article, let’s find out how these features can be used to take professional photographs from your Android smartphone cameras.

1. Use different image modes for different images. The preloaded camera app on your Android phone is loaded with several different image modes. . For example, if you take a picture of a scenery or landscape, you can conveniently use landscape mode and so on.

2. Use burst mode: You will find this feature in most cameras of these smartphones. We often try to take picture of the things that just happen for a second, such as fireworks, raindrops falling on leafs, etc. When you want to click on a photograph such as you should press and hold the shutter button (click button ) On your camera, it will continuously take shots for a couple of seconds and later, you will be able to choose the best short later.

3. Avoid using optical zoom: Optical zoom is available in all Android camera for default camera. You can zoom by pressing key up or using two figures (pinch zoom). Actually, you should avoid the optical zoom because it craps the image to the object you are zooming in and you can not capture if you find the pixels are damaged. So it is always better to take the picture without zooming if you still want to enlarge a particular object, you can cross the picture once it is in your gallery.

4. Using HDR mode: In some of the latest flash smartphones, you will find the automatic mode of HDR. HDR works basically when you can not see the original colors in the image because you shoot against the light. When HDR is set on your smartphone camera, it takes 3-4 different images of a single object with different light shifts in all and finally, combined all the images to give you the final image with much better color quality than the original image. So if you turn against the light, you should make sure that HDR is turned on or on automatic mode. In some Android smartphones you can keep both images HDR and normal, in case you find the normal image better, you can use it.

5. Tap on the object if you take a closeup: From your smartphone you can take a beautiful close up of flowers and other objects. Tap on the main object to focus on, and you will get a pretty detailed picture.

So you can use your existing smartphone camera to take better pictures. The basic camera features are usually available in all Android cameras.

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