Tips And Tricks For Online Marketing And SEO – How To Promote Your Business / Website Online

There are various ways to promote your website online, some of which you just need a little of your time, others burn a small hole in your pocket. Needless to say, if you can own and build a website, promoting and marketing it online will not be much painful.

So basically, my online marketing strategy revolves around these few points:

Search Engine Market

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to an internet marketing technique that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results. Basically it involves two methods:

A> Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay per click is a method to pay a search engine to show your website frequently in search results when the user searches for a content, while SEO is the method to modify or write the content of your websites manually to achieve higher rank in the search engine Results.

Content marketing

This is a form of marketing where media and content are created and published to communicate with and acquire prospective customers. The content can be in the form of images, newsletters, how-to guides, case studies, etc. The main purpose of content marketing is not to sell a product directly, but to keep in touch with existing and to- His clients and provide them the necessary and useful information to earn their loyalty.The most common and traditional way of content marketing is to write descriptive articles or ad-content on sites like EzineArticles, Squidoo, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, etc. Some of They even pay for writing articles.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a way of popularizing an event, product, service, brand or a company with the help of social networking sites. This is an unpaid marketing method because it depends on the quality of the content and how much the readers share it. The most common platforms for marketing social media are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, etc. Most of these sites offer a dedicated page for your business that can be used to promote your company, product or service. , Words of mouth and shares of the users play an important role in doing the same.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing, as it is obvious, is the form of marketing where cellphones are the bridge between a company and their clients, or future clients most of the time, where customers are provided with personalized and customized information, offers or deals about This product or services. There are a lot of ways of mobile marketing, but we will stop there just to the most common and most effective methods here.

a> SMS: There are many providers of bulk SMS which, unlike the telecom companies that have a cap on the maximum number of sent SMS, let users send a large number of SMS and guarantee a delivery. The SMS SMS service can be used to send messages that are related to products and services to a large number of users in a very short time, plus it is very cost effective.

B> App-Based Marketing: As the use of smartphones increases, the use of mobile applications have also increased proportionally. The concept is to create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Symbian platforms and distribute them freely across the online apps market. Sending push notifications adds to the advantage because the users receive alerts and notifications for new products, services or information instantly.

E-mail marketing

It is a method of direct marketing where business messages are sent to a group of people using e-mails. These mails can be sent to a database of existing or potential customers with a view to promoting a new or old service or product, or to provide a contract or offer to request repeat business or instant business. Most of the time, companies send promotional e-mails where a contract is provided for a limited time and the customers get a discount if they use the services or products at the time. Sending online newsletters at periodic intervals also brings a sense of loyalty in the existing customers.

Online Classifieds

There are several online classified sites where we can advertise about our products and services for a very small or no cost. These classified sites may be recognized or active at a local, national or international level. If you keep the Indian online market, the ones that come to me are Quikr,, Olx … and the list never stops. Locanto and Craigslist are two of the giants in international online market, needless to say there are many more in this category. Each of the ads you place on these sites will remain active for some time, and you must renew / repost or publish another ad if you need to.

Link exchanges programs

Link Exchange refers to the method when administrators of two (or more) websites agree to show each other advertisement or link on their own site for their mutual benefit. The method also implies in the process that a number of administrators or webmasters register their site on a central website that serve as the host and provide reciprocal links to the participating websites to show on their pages. Applications on such a site, the link to your website will be placed in a number of other similarly ranked websites, and in turn, you need to put their links in your own site, is not it? In general, the service is free of charge, because it is by the principle of reciprocity, both parties benefit mutually and almost equally, but in time it needs a bit of your fortune if you choose premium and fast services.

Forum discussions

Discussion groups are a great way to advertise yourself to a group of targeted customers. Online discussion groups / boards are present for almost every topic you can think of, so on the spot you get a group of people who are actually (and only) interested in the same topic, product or services that you offer. Therefore, all the people who are present in the discussion are your potential customers. They are loud and shock at the right moment. Google and Yahoo also have their own dedicated forum / Q&A forums, writing and promoting your articles, which can bring good results.

Video upload

Written, printed or messaging media are good ways of marketing, but short videos on your services or products are a great way of marketing. Here, people just need to look at your video for a few seconds, or maybe minutes, and understand what they are really meant to. In this way, they quite easily abandon the traditional and comparatively boring way of reading the advertisement, newsletter or promotional articles. The most common platform is YouTube where you can upload your own customized videos for free, or opt for paid promotion where very short promotional videos are inserted (via YouTube) among other videos that may already be a little known to people. More chances of people watching the promotional videos.

Directory listing

Web directories or link directories are the directories on the World Wide Web (www) that link to other web sites and categorize the websites according to their content. In simple words, directories are not search engines, but just an online directory with the list of websites based on categories and sub-categories. There are a large number of web directories that offer free, paid, reciprocal and affiliate links depending on your choice. If properly categorized, listing is a great way for online marketing. DMOZ, Yahoo, Digg are some of the most famous directories online.

Online deals

Discounts always attract customers, even if they do not have much to do with the product. They stop to look at what is offered. Sometimes, this paves the way for the person to think deeply and consider the use of the contract just because they get it at a great price. There are many websites where services / products are offered to discount rates. Consider visiting Snapdeal, Groupon, Timesdeal and several others.


After all these efforts, if there is still a storm left in the sales process, affiliate marketing is always there to promote direct sales of the product or services, where a small share in the profit is given to the publisher or seller that promotes sales. It is a performance based marketing system and the affiliate gets a percentage of profit for selling or helping in selling an item by applying one of the above listed or his / her own marketing techniques. One of the most common ways is to place advertisement links or banners on other sites on their license, and if a sale occurs from their website, we need to pay them a certain amount or percentage.

With a little experience in publishing and promoting websites, I hope these factors can be really helpful when you are trying to market your new website. Forgive me if I forgot to mention something important, obviously you can comment and rectify if I have committed any errors. A good day.

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